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Date: Mon Dec 4 21:49:17 2017
Subject: 17.12.04 computational modeling and simulation and software developer (Beijing, China)
Two positions are available at Beijing Computational Science Research Center (, 
a multidisciplinary institute with excellent support for international collaborations in 
computational sciences.

1. Software developer. Develop algorithms and programs for X-ray data analysis, 
including small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), 
single particle imaging using CryoEM or X-ray free electron laser, 
serial nanocrystallography. 
Applicant should have solid background in physics and mathematics, 
familiar with Python, C/C++ etc.

2. Postdoctoral fellow. Working on molecular dynamics simulation method and applications. 
We focus on the study of membrane protein (such as GPCR), drug design, 
protein/peptide self-assembly or aggregations.

The positions are offered with one or two year contract, 
renewable upon mutual agreement. The base salary is 160k - 200k per year, 
depending on the experience.

Webpage for the group:

Recent publications can be found at:
Interested applicants should apply by sending email to Dr. Haiguang Liu (hgliu __AT__ ). Please include a self-introduction, CV, and 2-3 reference letters.
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