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Date: Mon Dec 4 14:58:49 2017
Subject: 17.12.04 Post-Doctoral Research Position and Ph.D. Studentships in Molecular Simulation of Soft Materials, The University of Alabama, USA
The Turner Lab at The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL, USA),, is seeking 1 post-doctoral researcher and 1-2 Ph.D.
students to work on modeling projects related to advanced membrane design.
In close collaboration with experimental colleagues, composite membrane
materials composed of ionic polyimide backbones and a variety of ionic
liquid additives are being designed for gas separation applications.
The modeling work involves extensive molecular dynamics simulations,
Monte Carlo simulations, and a variety of computational analysis
techniques.  This project is heavily supported by the U.S. Department of
Energy and the National Science Foundation, and salary and benefits for
both the post-doctoral position and the Ph.D. studentships are highly
competitive.  For general information, visit:
Interested students should send CV, statement of interest, and a list
of professional references to: Prof. C. Heath Turner, hturner-
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