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Date: Fri Nov 10 11:15:33 2017
Subject: 17.11.08 Junior Scientist/Postdoc in Computational Chemistry, UCT Prague

Theoretical Photodynamics Research Group, Prof. Petr Slavicek

UCT Prague,

The deadline for applications is 27.11.2017!

We have a postdoctoral opening in the Laboratory of Theoretical Photodynamics for candidates
that are 2-7 years after receiving their PhD degree.
The candidate must have defended the PhD thesis later then 19/10/2010 and earlier then 19/10/2017.
The position is semi-independent, i.e. the research focus of the candidate should be related to
the subject of the Laboratory and the candidate is supposed to closely cooperate, yet he/she will
have his/her own small budget.

The junior researcher will primarily focus on improving the field of computational photodynamics
and theoretical spectroscopy with modern approaches of machine learning and information theory.
The candidate will introduce modern approaches of statistical analysis, combining them with techniques
for theoretical spectroscopy and light-induced processes developed in the Laboratory.

It is also expected that new techniques will be developed to optimize molecular properties in chemical space,
i.e. developing systems of automatized molecular design, with an emphasis on tuning light/matter interactions.
The candidate will work on novel topics connected to virtual screening and modelling of thermochemical and
spectroscopic properties of solid state materials. In later stages of the stay, the researcher will be encouraged
to define applications and further development of methodology for independent projects.

Planned activities:

implementation of machine learning (ML) algorithms, interconnection of the algorithms with existing computer
codes for molecular simulations and theoretical spectroscopy, testing and applications of new algorithms in the
fields of molecular modelling and theoretical spectroscopy, envision of new applications to effective modelling and
fast screening of molecular spectra, implementing of new approaches for automatic simulation methods (force field
calculations, chemical space simulations), automation of molecular design, automation of molecular design.

Preferred qualification:

The candidate should come either form the field of computational photodynamics or from the field of
automatized molecular design, machine learning or virtual screening.

Application procedure:

Interested candidates will find the application form at
The position is in Physical Chemistry.
The deadline for applications is 27.11.2017.

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