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Date: Thu Oct 12 18:17:40 2017
Subject: 17.10.12 Scientist, Modelling & Simulations - 1442
Zymeworks is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to 
the discovery, development and commercialization of next-generation 
bispecific and multifunctional biotherapeutics, initially focused on 
the treatment of cancer. Zymeworks suite of complementary therapeutic 
platforms and its fully-integrated drug development engine provide 
the flexibility and compatibility to precisely engineer and develop 
highly-differentiated product candidates. 

About the Position

We are seeking a scientist interested in building a comprehensive 
computational protein modeling and data analytics platform for use 
in biologics engineering and drug discovery.  At Zymeworks, scientists 
own the entire computational method development process, from devising 
the algorithms, through coding the implementation, to direct application 
in drug development.  The successful candidate may be hired at a junior 
or senior level depending on experience.

This position will report to our Modelling & Simulations Group Lead and 
is based in our Vancouver, BC location.  


	Develops and applies protein engineering and design algorithms

	Develops, validates, and documents software that implements 
        protein modelling and optimization methods

	Develops and applies data analysis, data mining, and machine 
        learning methods for protein engineering

	Works closely with the software engineering team to meet software 
        quality requirements

	Collaborates with protein engineering and therapeutic development 
        teams to effectively apply protein engineering and data analysis 
        software for lead optimization

	Collaborates with external industrial and academic partners

	Participates in the preparation of patents and publications

Required Qualifications

	A Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry, Applied Math, Computer Science 
        or a related field and a minimum of 4 years post-graduate 
        experience developing and implementing protein modeling algorithms

	Method development experience in any of the following areas: 
        Fragment assembly, homology modeling, or other protein structure 
        prediction techniques, force field/potential development, protein 
        structure optimization, molecular dynamics/Monte Carlo simulation, 
        antibody modeling

	Highly motivated with an exceptional interest in the development 
        and application of modeling, data mining, and simulation methods 
        for biologics engineering and drug discovery

	Proficient in at least one of C, C++, Java, or Fortran, and 
        proficient in a scripting language (eg Python, Perl, Ruby)

	Fluent in written and spoken English

Desirable Qualifications:

	Experience optimizing numerically intensive code

	Protein bioinformatics experience, including but not limited to: 
        Prediction of protein properties from sequence data, Extraction 
        of residue co-evolution data from sequence data, Binding target 
        prediction/identification from sequence data

	Experience implementing and applying machine learning methods 
        to protein modeling problems. Areas of interest include: 
        clustering methods and other unsupervised learning techniques 
        (eg SOMs, kernel PCA, ICA), regression and classification methods 
        (eg random forests, Gaussian process regression, GBMs)

	Experience handling and analyzing high-throughput proteomic and 
        genomic data

Why Work for Us?

Zymeworks employees are passionate, engaged and extremely motivated to 
succeed. We are excited by the cutting-edge science and technology, 
the endless possibilities this union holds and the sheer opportunity 
to be a part of something big. To learn more about Zymeworks Inc. and our 
current openings, please visit our website at

We offer challenging career opportunities, competitive benefits and 
an environment that recognizes and rewards performance.
How to Apply

If youre interested in this challenging opportunity, please apply online 
at  Due to the high 
volume of applicants, only those selected for interviews will be contacted.
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