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Date: Fri Jun 9 04:49:37 2017
Subject: 17.06.09 Postdoc in Computational Biochemistry & NMR Structural determination in Grenoble, France
Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position in molecular modeling
of protein complexes and NMR. The project is at the interface between
biology, structure determination and computational chemistry.

The research of the post-doctorate will consist of restrained molecular
dynamics including the obtained NMR data (chemical shift mapping,
3D experiments, assignment), and molecular docking simulations.
The scientific outcome of the project will be reliable 3D structures and
dynamics of protein-protein complexes, and sets of potential pro-coagulant
drugs complexed to a therapeutic target, in the field of coagulation.

The research teams and labs involved in the project are 
(1) the Molecular Modeling team at the
Molecular Department of Pharmacochemistry at Grenoble-Alpes University
(2) the Molecular Interactions and Engineering team (I2BM) at the
Department of Molecular Chemistry (DCM)
(3) the Experimental Recombinant Therapeutics team (TheREx) in the
TIMC-IMAG laboratory
Grenoble-Alpes University is an international research university focused
on the development of science and education, with 45,000 students, located
in the french Alps (

The research will benefit from the local supercomputing center and a
stimulating environment in the campus of Grenoble-Alpes University.
The DCM lab possesses a solution-state NMR 500 MHz and has an access to
TGIR-NMR facilities (600, 700, 850 and 950 MHz located at IBS in 
Grenoble (

Successful candidates will have strong skills in (1) molecular dynamics
simulations of biological systems and molecular docking (2) programming and
Experience in structural studies of proteins by NMR is expected. 
Personal ability to work independently and at the same time to be able to
interact with other researchers from other fields is very important.
Excellent communication skills in written and spoken english are

This research project is funded by the french National Research
Agency-labex ARCANE. Annual compensation will be 45,000 euros/yr including
taxes. Initial appointments will be for one year renewable one year.

In order to apply, please send a CV, a letter describing your research
interests and skills, and either two reference letters or the contact
details of two referees to aline.thomas^^

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