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Date: Mon Apr 24 08:51:03 2017
Subject: 17.04.24 Scientific communication specialist, QuantumWise, Copenhagen, Denmark
QuantumWise A/S is seeking a scientific communication specialist for our 
team in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We develop a leading-edge software platform for atomic-scale modeling 
with a rapidly growing customer base. You will be part of a team of 
world-leading experts in atomistic simulations with close contact with 
leading chemical, materials, and semiconductor companies and academic 
institutions. Your main role will be to develop high-quality scientific 
content for our marketing activities, including our website, online and 
print advertisements, newsletters, and other written material. The tasks 
require good knowledge of atomic-scale modeling, for instance density 
functional methods, non-equilibrium Green's functions, and molecular 
dynamics, combined with a passion for scientific writing and excellent 
formulation and communication skills. Current team members have a degree 
in theoretical physics, computer science, or chemistry.

Key Responsibilities
- Work with the marketing, sales, and scientific teams to create, 
enhance, and deliver marketing contents (e.g. advertisements, videos, 
websites, webinars, and other print and web-based promotional materials);
- Work with the marketing and sales teams to develop and execute 
marketing campaigns and other relevant activities;
- Develop value propositions for QuantumWise product packages
Please visit for more 
information on how to apply.
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