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Date: Tue Mar 7 04:34:51 2017
Subject: 17.03.07 Postdoctoral Position , MD of membrane proteins, Peking University, Beijing, China
A couple of postdoc positions are open at the computational biophysics research group led by Dr. Chen Song at Center for Quantitative Biology of Peking University, Beijing, China.

About Song Group:
We aim at revealing the function mechanisms of membrane proteins by using multiscale computer simulations, in close collaboration with experimental studies. 
Our main interests currently involve permeation mechanism of ion channels, signaling through membrane-associated proteins, and interaction between peptides and lipid bilayers.
We have the first-class computational resources and extensive collaborations with world class research groups, both computational and experimental.
For more information about our group, please visit

Qualification requirements:
1.	A PhD degree in physics, biophysics, biochemistry or any related fields before the start date of the appointment. 
2.	Motivated, creative, and committed to scientific research and having a strong sense of responsibility and teamwork. 
3.	Ability to conduct scientific research independently, as well as to collaborate within a team.
4.	Experience in using Linux and molecular dynamics software, and ability to program in Python and/or C is preferred. 
The successful candidates are expected to work full-time at Song group: carrying out scientific research, writing papers, co-supervising students, and presenting at international conferences. 
1.	The salary will be internationally competitive and in accord with the applicants experience, qualification and output.
2.	Prestigious rewards/fellowships are available at Peking-Tsinghua joint center for life sciences and at Peking University, which we will recommend the outstanding applicants to apply for.
3.	The successful applicants children can get into the kindergarten and school attached to Peking University, which are among the best in China.
To apply, please send the following to Dr. Chen Song email
1.	CV
2.	Personal statement about your scientific accomplishments and research interests
3.	Two references including the phone numbers, affiliations, and emails of the referees.

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