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Date: Tue Feb 28 20:58:58 2017
Subject: 17.02.28 Postdoctoral Fellowship in High Performance Computing
I and Atomic Works Ltd. (my industrial partner) have received funding 
for a postdoctoral fellowship in High Performance Computing from the 
TalentEdge program administered by the Ontario Centres of Excellence 
and SOSCIP. The candidate must have experience with quantum packages 
(such as Gaussian and CP2K) and must also be able to program in python 
and C. The candidate will undertake quantum calculations on gold 
nanostructures and semiconductor nanocrystals and will also work closely 
with the Atomic Works personnel to parallelize and optimize their code for 
an IBM BlueGene-Q implementation of quantum calculations. As part of 
this appointment, the candidate will have the opportunity to consult with 
IBM experts and learn state of the art parallelization techniques. 
Prior knowledge and experience with code parallelization, MPI routines, 
and Cython will be considered an asset. 

The salary is $53,240 per year (including 4% in lieu of dental medical 
benefits) and the term is two years starting as soon as possible but 
not later than May 31, 2017. Under the TalentEdge program rules, only 
recent PhDs (within the past 5 years of graduation) are eligible. This 
is an excellent opportunity for a candidate who wishes to remain in 
academia but who also wishes to gain experience in industry. 

Of potential interest to some candidates, under current Canadian regulations 
it is possible to apply for permanent residence at the end of one year of 
full employment and to become a permanent resident by the end of year 

Candidates should apply by email to:
Prof. Ian Hamilton
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, ON
Canada N2L 3C5

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