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Date: Thu Feb 16 13:27:46 2017
Subject: 17.02.16 Senior Solutions Architect, Schrödinger, NYC

Schrödinger, a technology leader specializing in software solutions for life science research and development, is looking for an experienced systems specialist who will work directly with top-tier customers and Schrödinger scientists and developers to deploy, configure, and tune Schrödinger's high-end suite of molecular modeling and informatics applications and related systems. This position involves maintaining Schrödinger's internal scientific computing resources and presents an exciting opportunity to work with highly-skilled individuals on challenging software environments.

The ideal candidate is an excellent problem solver, fast learner, and great communicator with enough experience to get started, plenty of motivation to learn, and the tenacity required to accomplish the mission of the team.


  • Ensure that Schrödinger's software performs optimally in the customer environment (ranging from smaller scale desktop environments to sophisticated HPC and cloud environments)
  • Work closely with Schrödinger's top-tier customers on the installation, configuration, and update/maintenance of on-site installations
  • Work with Schrödinger's global IT team to support and improve Schrödinger's internal infrastructure
  • Provide local IT support for Schrödinger colleagues
  • Design optimal deployment strategies
  • Work with product managers and developers to improve the deployment and configuration aspects of Schrödinger's core modeling software suite


  • Experience in Linux and Windows system administration (with emphasis on the former)
  • Familiarity with technologies used in desktop, HPC and cloud environments (e.g. distributed resource management systems, high-performance interconnects, application deployment systems, networking)
  • Experience with performance assessment/management under Linux and Windows (incl. high-end graphics and GPGPU technologies)
  • Excellent diagnostic and troubleshooting abilities (remote as well as on-site)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to travel
  • Fluency in English


  • Experience with IT environments in the pharmaceutical or other scientific industry
  • French or German language skills, while not necessary, would be useful

Please apply directly via our website at:

Schrödinger, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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