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Date: Wed Feb 8 16:29:35 2017
Subject: 17.02.08 Postdoc in computational chemistry and/or toxicology at GWU in Washington, DC
I am seeking a postdoctoral associate to start as soon as possible at the Kostal 
Research Group at GWU (, preferably sometimes 
during the spring semester 2017 or summer 2017 at the latest. PhD in computational 
chemistry is expected; previous postdoc experience is welcome but not necessary. 
Experience with MC and MD simulations is desirable, as is strong biochemistry 
background. Coding (FORTRAN, Perl, Python) and scripting skills are preferred. 
Background in toxicology is welcome, but not required. That said, applicants with some
knowledge of predictive model development in toxicology who have experience with 
statistical software such as R will likely have an edge.  Our group's research borders 
computational chemistry and predictive toxicology; our main project centers on 
safer chemical design, i.e. development and application of computational methods 
to affect chemical safety at the design stage via strategic modifications of molecular 
structure and in turn molecular interactions in vivo. More detailed description of some 
of our current projects is available at
Anyone interested, pls contact Prof. Jakub Kostal at jkostal ..
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