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Date: Fri Feb 3 05:10:44 2017
Subject: 17.02.03 Post-doctoral Research Assistant in Computational Physics/Chemistry, University College London, UK
A post-doctoral research position is available from 1. October 2017 in the 
research group of Prof Jochen Blumberger at University College London, UK. 
The position is funded by the ERC grant SOFTCHARGE: Charge carrier transport
in Soft Matter: From Fundamentals to High Performance Materials. 

Charge transport (CT) is at the heart of many exciting and potentially 
revolutionising technologies ranging from organic photovoltaic cells to 
nanobioelectronic transistors, yet our fundamental understanding of CT 
in these materials is still very limited. In the project we will extend/add 
new functionalities to our recently developed non-adiabatic molecular 
dynamics code, which was specifically tailored towards the simulation 
of charge transport in organic semiconducting materials and biomolecules 
(J Chem Phys, 145, 64102, 2016). Work may be carried out on one or several 
of the following projects (i) development of non-adiabatic MD frameworks 
beyond surface hopping (SH) (ii) development of SH algorithms for a coarse 
grained molecular representation (iii) extension of the current method to 
coupled excitation energy/charge transport in organic semiconductors and 
proteins (iv) massive parallelisation of existing code to enable 
applications to 2D and 3D materials (e.g. crystals, thin films, 
crystalline/amorphous organic interfaces). Your work will contribute 
to a user-friendly open software tool and will yield important fundamental
insight into the nature of CT in materials that have the potential to 
transform emerging technologies of the 21st century.

This project is funded by ERC for 1 year in the first instance, with the 
option to extend for another 2 years (3 years in total).

Eligible candidates have a PhD in computational physics/chemistry or 
related disciplines. Highly motivated individuals who have a strong 
background in programming (fortran, C++ or similar) and computer code 
development are encouraged to apply for this post.  Interest in the 
simulation of charge/excitation energy transport is essential and 
good knowledge in molecular quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics 
and molecular simulation methods is expected. First-hand experience 
with non-adiabatic molecular dynamics simulation is an advantage but 
not required.

Applicants should apply online at
Ref No 1626696. Online application involves upload of (i) Statement in 
support of your application (ii) CV (iii) full list of publications as 
supporting document and (iv) contact details of 2 referees. Please send 
these four application documents also as a single zip file to Jochen 
Blumberger, j.blumberger^_^ specifying in the subject line 
Post-doc application. The closing date for applications is 
28. February 2017. 

Interested candidates may want to take a look at recent group publications
in the field, listed on the group website 
Informal enquiries regarding the vacancy can be made to Prof Jochen 
Blumberger by email. If you have any administrative queries regarding 
the application process, please contact James Gane, james.gane^_^  
(+44 (0)20 7679 7143).

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