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Date: Mon Jan 16 09:42:09 2017
Subject: 17.01.16 Postdoctoral positions in biomolecular simulations, CBS Montpellier, France.
We are looking for strong and motivated candidates for postdoctoral positions
funded by the ANR  ~~ RAction program within the project "Multiscale 
Modeling of Biomolecular Machines" to work with Dr. Alessandro Barducci 
at the Centre de Biochimie Structurale (CBS) in Montpellier (France).

PROJECT: Our goal is to shed light onto the functioning of complex 
biomolecular systems involving extensive conformational dynamics and 
protein-protein interactions. To this aim, we plan to develop and apply 
multi-pronged computational protocols  based on both atomistic and 
coarse-grained simulations and to profit from experimental data and/or 
statistical analysis of protein sequences. Biological systems of interest 
include (but are not limited to): molecular chaperones, nuclear receptors 
and the bacterial flagellar motors.

CANDIDATE: The successful candidate should have 
i) a PhD in chemistry, physics or biology, 
ii) a solid background in theoretical/computational biophysics, chemistry 
or soft matter 
iii) strong interest in collaborating with experimentalists. 
Experience in molecular simulations is strongly recommended. 
Programming skills and/or basic knowledge of experimental techniques in 
structural biology or biophysics will be favorably considered.

ENVIRONMENT: The CBS research staff and infrastructure cover a wide 
variety of techniques for structural biology and biophysics including 
X-ray crystallography, cryoelectron microscopy, advanced fluorescence 
and super-resolution microscopes, single-molecule manipulation, molecular 
and cell biology, and high-performance computation.
Montpellier is a major biology area with a focus on basic research, 
biomedicine, plant biology and environmental science. Its science drive, 
the beauty of the region, its high quality of life make it an ideal 
destination for scientists from all over the world.

APPLICATION: Applications and informal queries about the project and the lab
should be addressed to Alessandro Barducci (alessandro.barducci ~~
Interested candidates should send their CV, a cover letter describing 
their research interests and motivation, and the names of persons 
willing to write a recommendation letter.

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Malinverni, Marsili, Barducci & De Los Rios. PLOS Comp Biol, 11(6), e1004262. (2015).
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