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Date: Wed Oct 5 17:09:19 2016
Subject: 16.10.05 Software Developer for Incyte Corp Chemistry Dept - Wilmington, DE
Software Developer, Chemistry

Job Summary:

Incyte Corporation is seeking an experienced developer who will develop and 
maintain software that is critical to our chemistry specific needs, such as 
the Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), chemical inventory and tracking 
system, analytical data browser (ADB), and the analytical data tracking 
system (ADTS).  

Job Responsibilities:
-Upgrade and update Java code for an existing Chemical Inventory Java 
-Upgrade and update 2 existing Sencha Ext JS applications that display 
results from a SQL database
-Migrate existing production Postgres SQL database tables to new 
production SQL Server database.
-Support existing customized software (ADB, ADTS, ChemInventory) 
and Manage ELN 
-Collaborate with other analytical functions and chemistry to develop 
future custom software as needed
-Interface between Chemistry and IT to resolve chemistry specific 
issues and  implement software upgrades
-Documentation of source code and updates 

Required Essential Skills:
-Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a 
related field or the foreign equivalent
-3+ Years of full life cycle software development with an emphasis on 
incremental, iterative development and deployment using Java and 
Javascript Best practices
-Able to program and debug in a complex Java environment
-Ability to take over existing java code, troubleshoot and enhance it to 
get it working.
-3+ years of Sencha and Google Web Development Kit experience is mandatory
-3+ years of development experience on SQL databases (SQL Server, Oracle 
and PostgresSQL)
-5+ years of development experience in Java desktop application 
-1 to 3 years of web based Java applications using applets
-Experience with multi-threading, Java Interfaces and complex java code is
Additional Skills:
-Previous chemistry IT experience 
-Previous Python programming experience
-Previous experience with Perkin Elmer ELN
-Previous web development experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.
-Strong interpersonal skills
-Working knowledge of the interface between lab equipment and software 
products (LIMS, etc.)
Please send your CV to or apply directly to the 
posting on our website:
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