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Date: Thu Sep 22 15:51:39 2016
Subject: 16.09.22 Postdoc, Protein-Ligand Database, NYC

Schrödinger, a technology leader specializing in software solutions for life science research and development, is searching for a postdoc based in New York City. The position involves a combination of scientific programming, methods development, and customer collaboration with an emphasis on structural analysis of crystal structures and molecular dynamics trajectories. A primary aim is the development of new computational approaches to analyze the vast quantities of structural data available from crystal structures and molecular dynamics simulations.

Postdocs at Schrdinger gain familiarity with our entire suite of structure- and ligand-based software, including packages for docking, molecular simulations, homology modeling, pharmacophore modeling, cheminformatics, and quantum mechanics. A strong background in molecular modeling and computational chemistry with application to biological problems is highly desired. Exceptional communication skills, an outgoing personality, and a willingness to travel are required. Experience working on drug discovery projects is highly desirable.


  • Development of Python-based workflows to support the analysis of PDB structures and MD/FEP trajectories
  • Collaboration with users on data analysis, customization of software, integrations with proprietary technology
  • Publishing of scientific papers and presentations involving our software and its applications in the realm of trajectory management/analysis


  • Ph.D. in computational chemistry or biophysics
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills
  • Strong problem-solving ability
  • A broad knowledge of molecular dynamics and trajectory analysis
  • Strong scientific programming skills (Python preferred)
  • Ability to conduct independent research


  • Experience with drug discovery applications
  • Interactions with experimentalists in projects

Duration: One year, with possibility of extension

Please apply directly via our website at:

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