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Date: Wed Sep 21 21:56:00 2016
Subject: 16.09.21 Postdoc Positions in Computational Solar Conversion Materials Science - DICP - Dalian - China
Postdoc positions are available at the Dalian Institute for Chemical Physics
(DICP) to carry out research in the area of computational solar energy 
conversions under the supervision of Professor Michel Dupuis 
( ,
University at Buffalo, USA, and DICP,)and Professor Can Li 

The general focus of the research will be on the characterization 
of the structure, dynamics, and reactivity of charge carriers in 
the solid state and at solid/solid and solid/electrolyte interfaces 
relevant to the conversion of solar energy to electricity and fuels 
including photocatalysis, photoelectrochemistry, and solar cells. 
The fundamental knowledge emerging from this research is expected 
to lead to advanced understanding of carrier generation, separation, 
recombination, and transport. The research will include also e-/h+ 
driven reactions at interfaces, with special attention given to 
specificity, kinetics, and over-potentials. The research will be 
carried out in close collaboration with experimentalists at DICP. 
It will involve the application of electronic structure theories 
and methods for molecular and solid state systems as well as 
molecular dynamics simulations. 

Minimum qualifications: 
 PhD in theoretical / computational Chemistry or equivalent
 Extensive knowledge of electronic structure theories and 
  methods for molecules and solid state 

Preferred qualifications:
 Experience with codes such as VASP, CP2K, GAUSSIAN, NWChem, LAMMPS, 
  GROMACS, others.
 Experience with solid state calculations is a definite plus.
 Experience with molecular dynamics simulations is also a definite plus.
 Strong experience with graphical interfaces for computational chemistry 
  and materials science

Interested and qualified candidates should contact Prof. Michel Dupuis 
(mdupuis2^ or Prof. Can Li (canli^ and provide 
a CV and 3 letters of recommendation.

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