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Date: Thu Sep 8 12:37:21 2016
Subject: 16.09.08 Research Associate - Bioinformatics, Danvers, MA
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. (CST) is a worldwide leader in the development and 
commercialization of antibodies, assays and research tools. As a company of scientists for 
scientists, we have developed PTMScan, a technology to discover protein 
post-translational modifications, PhosphoSitePlus, an online resource for investigation 
of post-translational modifications, and XMT technology, a proprietary method to 
develop exceptional monoclonal antibodies. We are fully committed to developing new 
research tools to help define the mechanisms underlying cell function and disease, 
thereby broadly accelerating progress in biomedical research and medicine.

We are seeking a Research Associate who has a strong background in biochemistry or 
bioinformatics to join the Antigen Design Team. The successful candidate will join a highly 
collaborative team that provides a centralized resource for the identification of peptide 
and protein antigens. The antigen design process provides the basis of the successful 
development of world-class antibodies validated for western analyses and translational 
applications such as IHC, IF, Flow & ChIP. We analyze each target protein to formulate a 
comprehensive antigen design and immunization strategy that includes an assessment 
of antigen type, structural suitability, cross-reactivity risks.

- Accountable for designing peptide as well as protein antigens for the target proteins 
  with the ultimate goal of developing antibodies
- Responsible for assessing the target protein biology as well as applications priorities 
  (WB, IHC, IF, Flow, ChIP) to develop a comprehensive antigen design strategy
- Communicates with the Project Scientists to resolve any outstanding issues
- Responsible for continuously seeking and championing opportunities to improve workflow.

- A BS, BA or MS degree in the field of biological sciences (e.g., biochemistry, 
  biotechnology or bioinformatics).
- Thorough understanding of amino acid structure
- Thorough understanding of protein architecture (primary, secondary, tertiary & 
- Knowledge of physiochemical properties of amino acids
- Understanding of protein biology (e.g. protein type, sub-cellular localization, 
   post-translation modification)
- Collaborative, team-oriented mindset
- Strong communication skills (oral and written)

Preferred Skills:
- Experience with multiple sequence alignment algorithms (e.g. BLAST)
- Basic knowledge of molecular interactions involved in protein-protein binding
- Basic programming/scripting skills (e.g. Python, Perl, Java, C/C++, etc.)
To Apply:
You will be taken to an external website, please attach your cover letter and resume as 
one document and refer to job code RAAD-2016-R when applying.
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