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Date: Sun Jan 31 03:12:52 2016
Subject: 16.08.30 First European Symposium on Chemical Bonding (ESCB1), Rouen, France
Dear Colleagues,

The first European Symposium on Chemical Bonding (ESCB1) will take place
in Rouen (Normandy, France), from Tuesday 30 August to Friday 2 September 2016.

This conference, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Lewis model, intends
to provide a large overview of the theories and methods that have been developed
so far to get deep physicochemical insights into the nature of bonding. In particular,
frontier talks and short communications for young investigators are planned. 

All invited speakers are Europeans but participants from other continents are
welcome (and may apply for contributed talks and short communications).

Besides, practical training sessions (QTAIM, ELF, NCI, VB) will be organized
just before the beginning of the symposium.

Hoping to see many of you at this event! 

The Chairmen of the ESCB1: Benoit Braida, Laurent Joubert and Vincent Tognetti.

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