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Date: Wed Jan 20 15:31:36 2016
Subject: 16.08.22 Putting the Theory Back in Density Functional Theory: A Summer School, Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Last year, at least 30,000 scientific papers reported the results of DFT 
calculations.  Many workshops and schools teach how to run a specific code.
The purpose of this school is to teach the theory behind DFT.  Lectures 
will be pedagogical and range from fundamentals (Hohenberg-Kohn theorem) 
to the latest approximations, and will help connect DFT to other areas of 
mathematics and theory.

The school is primarily targeted at junior researchers (Ph.D. students and 
postdocs) who are currently running DFT calculations and/or developing DFT 
or are interested in learning more about DFT. Internationally renowned 
experts in DFT will provide a thorough training in the fundamental theory 
through lectures and pedagogical research talks that connect themes of the 
lectures to the lecturers' own cutting-edge research. All participants are
encouraged to submit an abstract to present a poster, and a limited number
will be selected for oral presentation to the entire school.

Support for this summer school includes a grant from the Office of Naval 
Research, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the Army Research 

The application deadline is 9pm Pacific Time on May 1, 2016.

Application link:

Successful candidates will be notified in May. IPAM will cover their 
on-campus housing (local students excepted) plus some meals, but 
participants are expected to pay for their own travel. They will register 
and pay the $200 registration fee to confirm their participation.

Program Email: dft2016,
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