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Date: Sat Oct 13 13:56:32 2007
Subject: 07.11.30 Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference ISCB Event, Colorado - Aspen/Snowmass
Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference ISCB Event
Colorado - Aspen/Snowmass
Venue: Silvertree Hotel
Dates: Nov 30, 2007 through Dec 02, 2007

Call for Papers: Jul 31, 2007 - Oct 08, 2007
Event Registration: Sep 01, 2007 - Nov 01, 2007
The Rocky series began five years ago as a regional meeting, and has
grown into an international program with a spotlight on regional
development in the computational biosciences. Presenters at this
years meeting come from the Rocky Mountain regional states/provinces
of Alberta, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, as well as
from over 10 other states/provinces and at least six countries. These
scientists represent a broad spectrum of universities, industrial
enterprises, government laboratories, and medical libraries. The
meeting is a chance to get to know your colleagues near and far, seek
collaborative opportunities, and find synergies that can drive our
field forward.
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