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Date: Tue Sep 26 03:00:22 2006
Subject: 07.05.27 2nd Workshop on Computational Chemistry and Its Applications (2nd CCA)
2nd Workshop on Computational Chemistry and Its Applications (2nd CCA)
part of The International Conference on Computational Science 
May 27-30, 2007, Beijing, China

Workshop website:

Description of Workshop 
Computational chemistry is commonly used in chemical and interdisciplinary

Computational chemistry is leading to a wide range of possibilities due
to explosive increase in computer power and software capabilities.

The major goals of this workshop are to highlight the latest scientific
advances within the broad field of computational chemistry in academia,
industry and society. This workshop will provide the opportunity for
researchers coming from corners of the world to be on a single platform
for discussion, exchanging ideas and developing collaborations.

It will also be a suitable platform for researchers from different fields
to meet so that ideas for new interdisciplinary research can emerge. 

This is the second workshop after being a successful event in ICCS-2006. 

This workshop will consider only original work after peer reviewing.

Accepted papers will be published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Topics will include aspects of computational chemistry such as (but are
not limited to):

(i)  Methods: Ab initio, semiempirical, force fields, density functional 

(ii) Applications: Kinetics, reaction mechanisms, catalysis, molecular
     properties, conformational analysis, thermodynamics, 

(iii) Other research involving computational chemistry

(iv) Interdisciplinary computational research involving chemistry will be
     specially invited.

Ponnadurai Ramasami

Faculty of Science

Department of Chemistry

University of Mauritius



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