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Date: Sun Oct 23 01:15:34 2005
Subject: 05.11.20 13rd Brasilian Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry, Sao Pedro, Brasil
Brazilian Symposium of Theoretical Chemistry (SBQT)
Nov 20-23, 2005

The Brazilian Symposium of Theoretical Chemistry (SBQT)
is organized every two years, with the main goal of gathering
scientists, researchers, and students interested in the most 
recent advances in computational and theoretical chemistry in Brazil 
and other countries. The XIII SBQT will be hold in Hotel Fazenda Fonte 
Colina Verde, So Pedro (SP).

During the XIII SBQT the following subjects will be discussed:

# Electronic Structure Methods
# Analysis and Applications in Spectrocopy
# Electronic Correlation Effects
# Relativistic Methods
# Molecular Modeling and Force Fields
# Molecular Dynamics and Stochastic Methods
# Reaction Mechanisms
# Kinetic Models
# Development of New Models and Algorithmics
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