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Date: Sat Oct 22 16:53:02 2005
Subject: 06.02.21 MedChem Europe 2006, Prague, Czech Republic
MedChem Europe
Feb 21-22, 2006
Prague, Czech Republic


This will include, but is not limited to, the following topics :

    * Advances in Synthesis Technology
    * High Throughput Biological Chemistry
    * Chemical Diversity & Library Design
    * Nuclear Receptors in Drug Discovery
    * Cellular Targets
    * Virtual Screening & Data Mining

 Abstract Submission for Oral and Poster Presentation

If you would like to submit a proposal for a presentation or poster
at this meeting, please click here to view the information required
for your submission .

When ready just return to this page and fill the form accordingly.


Oral presentation submission deadline: 30th September 2005

Poster Submission Deadline: 9th January 2006

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board and
successful applicants will be notified in due course.

All abstracts must be:

- Written in English
- Include title, name(s) and affiliation(s) of the authors
- Between 100 - 200 words
- Suitable for direct publication in the proceeding pack and on the
- Related to the subject of the conference

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